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RamadanFM is an initiative launched with the support of the local community in London. It aims to provide British Muslims with spiritually uplifting entertainment in the blessed month of Ramadan along with a voice to the wider community. We aim to present and promote the true understanding of traditional Islam in today's world of gross misinterpretation and widespread misunderstandings. Muslims face various types of challenges in present day Britain and the best way to tackle these challenges is through education and dialogue. We aim to engage the whole Muslim community to discuss and share their issues and experiences. 


With such a vast, diverse Muslim community residing in London we often come across ideas and views which are in direct contradiction of our own. These conflicting views can lead to dispute and disunity amongst our own community. Often these disagreements are a result of lack of education, lack of interaction and ignorance of one and others culture. We believe that it is the diversity within the Muslim community that makes Islam so practical and beautiful. RamadanFM will provide a platform to Muslim Londoners to discuss and share their experiences in order to bring the whole community together. We have put in place interactive programs with professionals, scholars, women, the business community and Muslims in general to discuss some of the issues we face. We strongly believe that RamadanFM belongs to the community and hence have opened the doors to anyone who wants to take part in Live Shows.


Being broadcasted in the blessed month of Ramadan, we aim to provide listeners with classical Islamic Knowledge and spiritual entertainment. With lectures from some of the world's leading Islamic scholars to Live Q&A sessions with local Imams, we intend to provide high quality educational programming. Recitation of the Holy Qur'an by world renowned reciters and Nasheeds by leading artists will be aired and are sure to captivate the listeners. 







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